Mission Malawi

The World Health Organisation recognises hearing loss as a major disability affecting over 6% of the global population. Significant numbers are found in low and low-middle income countries. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world.
For an estimated 18 million population 1 consultant and 2 registrars in training supply ENT health care publically. Dr Mulwafu is that consultant -based at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.
Within the QECH infrastructure has improved. KidsOR charity have supplied much needed theatre equipment such as trollies and an anaesthetic machine. The Ear Trust has supplied operative camera equipment and endoscopes so the endoscopic ear surgery is routinely performed to repair perforated eardrum. Mr Strachan consultant colleague in Bradford has led a unique drive to introduce cochlear implants to help the profoundly deaf patients. The implants have been generously donated by Med El CI company from Innsbruck Austria.
The main work force for ENT services are by non-medical clinical officers. In the last five years teams from the UK have been helping to train and develop the staff.
Without equipment the clinical officers can’t practice. With the support of Rotary club of Bradford West and donation of equipment especially from Sheff Med Surgical 20 clinical officers have been given comprehensive kits to be able to perform clinics in the peripheral hospital. More are in training and need our support with more kits.

Sadly funding from the government is very basic. A lot of ear disease is preventable and treatable by simple means. Supporting Malawi Mission will have a significant impact.
How you can help

£25 would supply clinical offers instruments to remove wax and foreign bodies from the ear.
£40 would provide a rechargeable headlight

£40 would buy a tuning fork to do basic hearing tests

£50 would provide additional medications for an outreach clinic
£100 provides the cost for extra outreach clinics – over 150 would be seen

£150 would provide a battery powered otoscope and charger

£2500 buys a portable screening audiometer for hospital and outreach clinics