Hear for Life

There is so much you can do to help...

Our Aim

Mission statement;

The Ear Trust is “Hear for Life – Help us to help the deaf.”

Many people suffer needlessly because of deafness. We aim to increase their quality of life by  providing resources , education and supporting research.

Deafness is an invisible disability.

Our goals are to provide public awareness, education and training to professionals, especially audiologists, speech and language therapists and teachers of the deaf.

Regular ‘patient days’ are held to let patients and prospective patients and their families have informal interaction.

Trainee surgeons with surgical courses and the recently introduced of travel scholarships for newly appointed consultants attend otological courses or observerships.

Equipment  as a resource is also supplied if not readily available via normal channels of funding.

Our goals are to providing expertise in Education training for professionals and families.

Provision of resources to help in managing hearing loss and supporting research into ear disease.

The Ear Trust is a not for profit organisation accountable to our patients, supporters, donors, and partners.

We are devoted to building impactful relationships that benefit the whole.


What we have achieved

So far your donations have been supplied vital equipment and facilities such as Audiological

  • Audiometers
  • screening otoacoustic emissions
  • automated brain stem audiology screening tympanometer
  • diagnostic otoacoustic auditory emissions
  • visual re-enforced audiology tests
  • Meg SS3 free field warbler
  • diagnostic tympanometer
  • aurical hearing aid test box
  • biologic NAV Pro steady state evoked potential


  • Specialised surgical drills and lasers

Assessing and reviewing

  • Phoenix Speech tests
  • POCIA MRC hearing aid hardware
  • Video editing for monitoring and reviewing progress
  • LENA


  • computers, adderlink boxes and printers
  • Departmental of databases


  • Surgical Video links for teaching


  • AB Sound localization room

The jewel in the crown has obviously been the massive support we received which enabled us to design and build the LFLC   

What we need

With continued support we would like to fund: Surgical

  • £85K for specialised navigation surgery
  • £10K for Endoscopic otological surgical sets
  • Replacing older equipment


  • Support staffing costs
  • Helping with surveys


  • Audiometers don’t last for ever! We plan to replace one each year – at an average cost of £5k

Workshops / teaching

  • It is very important to offer continuous professional development to our staff and external professionals involved with YAIS patients.

UNP_BRI_24354_Listening_for_Life_004 The opening of the LfLC by the Duke of Gloucester

How Can You Help?

  • Donations and legacy gifts
  • Raising funds by attending organized events or even holding your own event
  • Sponsoring: Name plaques &  Adverts online
  • Contribute to HearSay
  • Volunteering your time or skill

If you have an idea we would like to hear from you. Visit our special appeal page ‘Mission Malawi’ to find out how you could help.